Salford and Gomorrah

character perpetuaAt this year’s Sounds From The Other City SWAYS Records and the White Hotel will be transporting their democracy of degeneracy to the Old Pint Pot for a 12 hour marathon of continuous 30 minute sets separated into 3 acts.

5pm – Doors

6pm – Act I: The White Hotel Guide to Immortality
feat. Vendel, Rattle, Space Afrika, Transylvanian Sex Pest, Nova, Tooms

9pm: Act II: The Land of Fuck
feat. BEAT LES, OKLO, Parade, Serchio bathing-party, Blacklung, Chicaloyoh, Terrine, Vendel, Lauren Bolger ft. Karl Astbury

1.30am – Act III: Trump Time!
feat. Szare, Cerberus Future Technologies, Denim & Leather, Kickin’ Pigeon, Cassiel, Nova, Vendel

6am – ?


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